Suan Doi House Hotel
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38/3 Soi Charntrasup Huay Kaew Rd. Amphur Muang Chiang Mai 503000
053 221869, 053 406091
Suan Doi House Hotel

Chiang Mai is a vacationer's paradise,with its verdant greenery and lush plains curled up in the loving arms of the Suthep Mountain. At the foot of this grand mountain,SUAN DOI HOUSE is the Lifestyle Unique Hotel & Exotic Resort of Nature in Chiang Mai, the Northern part of Thailand, as a Hidden Treasure of the Town. As the name of this hotelSUAN DOI HOUSE has the special meaning in details as follow : the word about “SUAN”, in Thai language means the greenery of the Garden. Usually, in the Thai Garden people grew up not only the flowers but some vegetables also. For the next word “DOI”, means the Mountain or the Hill and the last one word  “HOUSE or in Thai called BANN”, means a homy place, cozy feeling and lovely for stay. Therefore, the definition in basically of  SUAN DOI HOUSE means the perfect place which has fogusing of Nature lover retreats who knows and has his own designed for his lifestyle very well and to achieves a real senses of one perfect moment in your selected lifestyle with perfect purpose for the one who you really care for.This is the highly reccommended hotel in Chiang Mai for a special one as you, if you are looking for the lovely unique place to stay when you and your family need to share your good time together, please try to select visit and stay in Suan Doi House the only one greenery place which be surrounded with many scented  of Thai beautifully flowers, some vegetables and the warbling of local birds in this Botanical Garden and plenty of the restful atmosphere, homy experience as your home, lovely decoration, cozy feeling and private place for your pleasures visit. Being with the beautiful Thai flowers-a-floral-oriented at" SUAN DOI HOUSE " the OASIS of the Town and the Nature is in your hands.


Suan Doi House has the restful atmosphere, homy , cozy and peaceful accommodation in the Northern Style Décor. It is place where the core of our service philosophy is attention the details and flair for customer satisfaction, warmth welcome from our charm and friendly staffs. Suan Doi House, ‘THE OASIS OF THE TOWN’ is the place where you can touch NATURE as closer as you desired. This is the differences between the word HOTEL and RESORT replica watches uk The names of each room is reffered to the charming name of thai scented flowers, shich make you feel impression when you stay in your private accoummodation. In the Exotic Thai lanna architectural tradition, Suan Doi House is scented by many beautiful Thai fragrance flowers in beautifully landscaped. You can hear the lively warbling of birds and impress a BOTANICAL GARDEN full of high colours surprise where beauty changes with the seasons.

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