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Fifty-Fifth Thonglor 2nd Fl. Thonglor Soi 2 Sukhumvit, Bangkok Thailand 10110
The He Clinic dedicates itself to enhancing men’s
lives, inside and out. Founded by renowned
plastic surgeon and men’s health expert
Dr. Richard Diacakis, the clinic is now run by
Dr. Chayut Fungtongjaroen M.D., one of the leading
plastic surgeons in Thailand specializing in rhinoplasty,
alarplasty, mentoplasty, blepharoplasty,
lip reduction, buccal fat removal, and other
enhancement procedures.
Not to be confused with symptoms of old age,
He Clinic identifies and treats medical conditions in
males that are caused by an insufficient production
of hormones, technically known as “andropause.”
Some of the typical side effects of andropause,
which many men simply ignore thinking that
it’s untreatable, include low energy, erectile
dysfunction, and chronic fatigue.
Upon arrival at He Clinic, patients receive a full
consultation with a specialist, which is normally
followed by lab tests that analyze hormone levels
in order to form a full diagnosis and establish an
effective treatment plan. Such treatment plans
can include replacement hormone therapy to
normalize testosterone levels, as well as vasodilator
tablets to widen blood vessels and improve blood
flow. He Clinic also offers post-cycle therapy plans
which include the use of linear shock wave therapy

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