Bali Restaurant
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15/3 Soi Ruam Rudi, Phloenchit Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
02 2500711
Bali Restaurant
Garuda images assist in making a casual atmosphere, along wiith Indonesian puppets, masks, and dolls. For those unfamiliar with cuisine from Indonesia, it will be easy to recognize many of the dishes on the extensive menu as many are very similar to Thai dishes.

A great way to get familiar with this style cuisine is to order the Rijstaffel. It is a bowl of yellow rice accommpanied by 7 dishes. Adlthough they can vary at times, the selections generally include traditional choices, such as: soup, rendang curry, satay, and gado gado ( vegetables with peanut sauce). Some other great choices for starters include the Oxtail Soup or the Fried Potato and Chicken Patties. The Nasi Goreng (or Indonesian fried rice) is a good choice to accompany most dishes.

Chicken dishes include; Rendang Ayam - chicken cooked with spices in coconut milk or the Ayam Goreng Berek - marinated fried chicken. Beef aficionados will enjoy Rendang Daging - beef cooked in coconut milk with spices or the Daging Belado - fried beef with chilli. Everybody should try at least one dish of seafood or fish with the meal and some great choices whether you share or eat them your self, include; Ikan Pepes - marinated roasted fish wrapped in banana leaf, the Ikan Saos Acar - the Indonesian -style sweet and sour fish. Seafood lovers will come back again for the Udang Belado - fried shrimp with chilli sauce or the Udang Kalio - prawns cooked in coconut milk with spices. For those wanting a curry selection - Gule Nangka is a mild yellow curry made with chunks of jackfruit. There are also three choices of noodles and about 8 vegetable selections but now we have come to the end of our meal and it is time for dessert, if you have room, of course. Dessert includes a choice of Young Coconut Pudding, Indonesian Layer Cake, Banana Fritter, or the Bali Fruit Salad with Sherbet …many good choices.

As in most restaurants that cater to a large number of Moslem clientele, the choice of wine is quite limited, yet there is an Australian house red and white. Beer is available and a fairly good choice with this type of cuisine. Waitstaff seem to stumble a bit but the manager is on top of things and is knowledgeable and efficient.

As Indonesia is mainly Muslim, alcohol is not a major consideration. Australian house red and white, plus beer, is the booze quota.

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