Bai Yun
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21/100 South Sathon Road, Sathon, Bangkok 10120
02 6791200
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Bai Yun


With a sweeping view of the city and award-winning Cantonese cuisine to woo discerning tastebuds, Bai Yun Chinese restaurant has long been a signature restaurant in the heart of urban Bangkok which decorated in burgundy and silver, which sets off the high ceilings and elegant contemporary furniture.

The New Menus
Traditional morsels of homemade dim sum, Cantonese specialities, and a large selection of fine Chinese teas have made their way into the tempting menu.

Diners are treated to delicacies such as Spiced Salted Crisp Silver Bait or Steamed Giant Crab Claw, X.O.Sauce, Sautéed Leek. In addition, a full vegetarian menu offers such delights such as Wok Fried White Asparagus, Black Mushroom, Tofu or Stir-Fried Kale, Oyster Sauce. For dessert, the Essence of Bird’s Nest and Gingko Nut or Boiled Sesame Dumpling, Ginger Tea is healthy treats.

Over 30 types of premium oolong, pu-erh, green, red and scented teas are available to the tea connoisseur. These are served, with proper adherence to the time-honoured rituals, from an authentic Kunming tea cart. Whether guests choose pu-erh tea for its medicinal qualities or oolong for rejuvenation, digestion and neutralization of the effects of tobacco, a tea experience at Bai Yun is likely to inspire peace, poetry and friendship, in the vein of traditions past.

Dim sum lovers are also invited to partake in the Bai Yun’s Unlimited Dim Sum feast, available daily for lunch from 11.30am. - 2.30pm. and dinner from 6.00pm. – 11.00pm. A perennial favourite, Cantonese dim sum is made of bite-sized delicacies ranging from steamed prawn dumplings, fried turnip cake, and fried sticky rice with sweetened red bean. Bai Yun’s dim sum is freshly made by its chefs daily.

Catering To Every Taste
Bai Yun’s irresistible menu will be a boon for busy executives looking to impress their clients, with top notch marks in service, presentation, location and the Banyan Tree experience. Families and groups of friends will be able to find something for everyone at the table, thanks to an extensive menu catering to all tastes.

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