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"Established in 19 January 1996, The Good View has now become one of the most influencial bar & restaurant in Chiang Mai. Influential in this context, The Good View has been giving a great example of enjoying Chiang Mai by dining and wining, with good music in a good atmosphere. The Good View is a restaurant & bar which accompanied by live bands performing live music for the main entertainment. The concept has never changed but it is always added with new style. In another word, ""Updated"". Located in the Chiang Mai's famous entertainment street, the Charoen Raj Rd, the Good View is one of the main focus for the locals and visitors to experience Chiang Mai way of wine & dine. Wine & dine besides the well known Ping River, The Good View serves a fashionable traditional food & drinks. Also, The Good View serves international Thai cuisine, European cuisine, and Japanese cuisine. With the above wide range of food menus, The Good View also have an extensive selection of wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and amazing choices of cocktails. Designed in contemporary wooden style, The Good View gives an easy atmosphere and semi-formal place to experience Chiang Mai nightlife. With the same above concept, the Good View has extended its presence by opening another branch in Bangkok and lay it on the shore of the famous Chao Phraya river at the Charoen Krung Rd."
"LA PAILLOTE is a French and Thai restaurant. It is open seven days a week from 7:30 am until very late in the evening. Gaston and his team are pleased to welcome you to the ""LA PAILLOTE"" romantic outdoor terrace or our well ventilated dining room. The La Paillote French expertise is a “sun oriented” style of French cuisine. The extensive French culinary experience of our professional team gives us the opportunity to serve you the best french food as well as Thai dishes with a French flare, or the more traditional Thai dishes, happily adjusted to your taste. Our tranquil atmosphere and exquisite food does not mean expensive pricing. Our desire is to provide outstanding food and drinks at a very reasonable price. For example we offer a menu with 3 courses with a nice choice at 490 Baht only (+/- 10 €) ! In addition, if you make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance, the ""LA PAILLOTE"" team will manage and give you a nice surprise which is only known by Gaston himself ! It is always a great pleasure to meet new friends and to heartily welcome old friends and customers."
Eat Sense Beach Restaurant. Located at Chaweng Beach on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand, at our restaurant we aim to provide all of our guests with tasty, authentic and healthy Thai cuisine. Using only natural organic vegetables, fresh seafood and indigenous tropical fruits to create the fine food, our menus are both extensive and thoughtfully created. And we never use any kind of preservatives. That’s a guarantee.
"Welcome to O'Malley's. If you ever find yourself in Chiang Mai, then be sure to make a refreshing stop at our Irish Pub located in the heart of the city. You will be greeted by some of the friendliest staff and nicest people in a cozy air conditioned atmosphere. In the range of authentic traditional Irish pubs O'Malley's is the most renowned in Chiang Mai. You can relax in quiet, intimate surroundings or join in the merry making of all the activities and events offered. Our pub is easily found in the heart of the city, in Anusarn Market, within the Night Bazaar area (refer to the link ""Getting to O'Malley's""). O'Malley's Irish Pub goes out of its way to bring the finest beers from around the world to their patrons here in Chiang Mai. We currently offer a wide range of international favorites on tap. "
The Senor Pico bar and restaurant, which is located on the first next to The Café Coffee Shop, is the only authentic Mexican bar and restaurant in Bangkok. Senor Pico restaurant, which seat 88, operates from 5.00 1.00 am daily and has been decorated in a contemporaty Maxican style, creating a genuine Maxican atmosphere ideal for speicial celebration parties. There is daily live entertainment (except Mondays) provided by a vibrant South American band, complete with romantic boleros singing exciting songs that even include the Bamba!

Heading down through the grounds of Baan Haad Ngam Resort, the closer we get to the sea the more attractive things become. Taking an al fresco table by the infinity pool in Olivio, the resort's restaurant, it's striking just how beautiful this little spot is. The far-reaching vista out over Chaweng Bay is framed by palms swaying in the warm evening breeze while one by one, the first stars of the night appear in the sky like silver flecks on indigo velvet.

"Anotai" restaurant is easy to find as it's located just off Rama 9 Road on Rama 9 Hospital Road. Signs will guide you to the building. Activities at Anotai are not only the restaurant itself; but yoga classes and flower arrangement classes. The Yoga Room is located on the third floor where the classes are launched nearly everyday by an expert yoga instructer. The second floor of the shop transforms into a room full of flowers ready for the flower arrangement class which aims to develop an understanding of the nature of flowers and enhances one's ability to create their own style of flower arrangements
Garuda images assist in making a casual atmosphere, along wiith Indonesian puppets, masks, and dolls. For those unfamiliar with cuisine from Indonesia, it will be easy to recognize many of the dishes on the extensive menu as many are very similar to Thai dishes. A great way to get familiar with this style cuisine is to order the Rijstaffel. It is a bowl of yellow rice accommpanied by 7 dishes. Adlthough they can vary at times, the selections generally include traditional choices, such as: soup, rendang curry, satay, and gado gado ( vegetables with peanut sauce). Some other great choices for starters include the Oxtail Soup or the Fried Potato and Chicken Patties. The Nasi Goreng (or Indonesian fried rice) is a good choice to accompany most dishes. Chicken dishes include; Rendang Ayam - chicken cooked with spices in coconut milk or the Ayam Goreng Berek - marinated fried chicken. Beef aficionados will enjoy Rendang Daging - beef cooked in coconut milk with spices or the Daging Belado - fried beef with chilli. Everybody should try at least one dish of seafood or fish with the meal and some great choices whether you share or eat them your self, include; Ikan Pepes - marinated roasted fish wrapped in banana leaf, the Ikan Saos Acar - the Indonesian -style sweet and sour fish. Seafood lovers will come back again for the Udang Belado - fried shrimp with chilli sauce or the Udang Kalio - prawns cooked in coconut milk with spices. For those wanting a curry selection - Gule Nangka is a mild yellow curry made with chunks of jackfruit. There are also three choices of noodles and about 8 vegetable selections but now we have come to the end of our meal and it is time for dessert, if you have room, of course. Dessert includes a choice of Young Coconut Pudding, Indonesian Layer Cake, Banana Fritter, or the Bali Fruit Salad with Sherbet …many good choices. As in most restaurants that cater to a large number of Moslem clientele, the choice of wine is quite limited, yet there is an Australian house red and white. Beer is available and a fairly good choice with this type of cuisine. Waitstaff seem to stumble a bit but the manager is on top of things and is knowledgeable and efficient. As Indonesia is mainly Muslim, alcohol is not a major consideration. Australian house red and white, plus beer, is the booze quota.
Bauhaus design beach-grill in Hua Hin.Beach Café Restaurant is located south of Marriott Hotel at Petchkasem Road soi 75/1 by the sea. It is the new highlight under Hua Hin's beachfront restaurants combining Hua Hin's gorgeous white sand beach atomosphere during daytime with a romantic garden setting for candlelight dining.BeachCafé's expert kitchen team is experienced in Thai and European cuisine offering a variety of finest grilled and seafood dishes. It is the place for excellent food and beverage quality at down to earth prices served in an outstanding sea breeze atomsphere
Blue Elephant made their name outside Thailand as an stylish restaurant chain serving authentic Thai food, but this is their first Bangkok restaurant. Located in an old colonial style building in a great setting, style and ambiance. Highlight: Private party, Corporate function, Wedding Party
1600 Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
Tel: +66-2250-5500
TAT Contact Center: 1672
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