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Panacee Medical Center is a leading institution in the field of advanced holistic medical technology, designed to treat and heal patients on the cellular level. The Process can also increase youthfulness, allowing patients to have strong and healthy bodies, capable of fighting of diseases, leading to a better quality of life. Moreover, our medical personals are well trained to combat diseases stemming from the degeneration of cells, such as High blood pressure, Allergy, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Kidney failures, Dementia Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, an Endocrine Disorder. Our service all adhere to international standards, as our satisfied patients can guarantee and ISO 9001 : 2008
Facility’s name : Klaire’ Clinic : Anti-Aging and Wellness Expert Overview/Introduction : Klaire’ Clinic is Anti-aging clinic located at the center of Bangkok , very convenient to come with exclusive services in private atmosphere. Our services concentrate exclusively on pure anti-aging and regenerative medicine including to anti-aging and hormone checkup and management , customized supplements, food reaction test and weight management. We also specialized in intravenous(IV) nutrient therapy and bio-identical hormonal replacement both male and female provided by expert and experienced doctor well trained and certified from Europe, USA and Australia. Therefore, our medical treatment is up to standard and certainly safe. Our services focus mainly on disease healing and body restoration, not only outside impermanent beauty. Our concept is health and beauty comes from within through outside. Signature or unique products & services : - Bio-identical Hormonal replacement for male and female. - Pre-post surgery IV therapy : to reduce blood loss, decrease wound pain and swelling, accelerate recovery process and return to work faster. - Traveler IV therapy : to recover travelers from jet lag, fatigue , exhausted , no energy after long-haul flight - IV Ozone infusion : to stimulate body’s regenerative processes, boost immunity and slow down the deterioration of the body (Anti-aging effects). Language support : - Thai, English , Mandarin , Myanmar Total number of treatment room: 6 treatment room Major patients come from : USA, EU, Middle East, Myanmar
Bangkok Anti-Aging Center is an integrative medical center which fulfills the modern lifestyle of health-concerned individuals. We emphasize the implementation of holistic medicine, which focuses on investigating the root cause of the disease rather than merely treating the symptoms. Our treatment protocol prioritizes the simultaneous revitalization and rejuvenation of every organ system. This can be done through stimulation of repairing and reconstruction of our biomolecular building blocks in the cellular level. This holistic approach has been adopted for centuries and has been considerably reputable among celebrities in the global scale. It is widely accepted and endorsed by those who seek for medical innovations and novelties.
RSU Healthcare is a medical center featuring expertise in a range of medical specialties. Its services and facilities are comparable to outpatient departments (OPD) of leading hospitals, complete with modern equipment and a professional team of specialist doctors who are ready to provide advice to help patients take the best care of their health.
Live the future Now…Personalized Record for your Health
Celfix Polyclinic is sole distributor of the famous Genova Lab in USA, and some functional tests in our lab such as celfix organic profile, Urine indicant test and urine kryptopyrroles test. Celfix polyclinic already has functional doctors and all items of supplements import from USA and Europe to prevent and cure chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s Pakinson’s, Psoriasis, Cancer, Chronic fatigue, GI symptoms.
Easy way to be Healthy and Beauty from Inside Out.
Established in 2003, Holistic Medical Centre (HMC) is the first and leader of Anti-Aging Clinic in Thailand. HMC offers a holistic medical approach to cell rejuvenation and prevention of diseases with special consideration to the fact that all bodily systems are interconnected.
N Health is the prominent healthcare service supporting hospital business domestically and internationally.
“Because your skin is unique… your beauty needs to get the right start” iSKY, we realize that each person has their own skin characteristics and different problems.We Using standardized analyzing tools, iSKY’s dermatologists will provide an accurate diagnosis to help gain an understanding of the facial skin condition and actual problems. At iSKY….we make a difference, perfectly iSKY perfectly designed facilities with laser treatment, aesthetic treatment and rejuvenation photo and skin analyzing rooms, in which we can objectively analyze your skin conditions, and take photographs for comparing before and after treatment. iSKY’s laboratory is another cutting-edge aspect of our skin therapy where you can observe while our pharmacists prepare custom-made prescriptions just for you.
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