Public Health Ministry warns of Dengue outbreak!

Dr. Sophon Mekthon, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, is concerned about the 2016 statistics of infected patients at 9,639 for the first three months with 3 casualties which doubles the 2015 figure of 4,783 patients. Most patients are in Central, North East, Southern, Northern regions and Bangkok. The most effective prevention is to get rid of mosquito or lexitron by asking households to practice 3 Keeps measure namely keep the house clean, keep the garbage in place and keep the water safe to stay safe from Dengue fever, Zika virus and joint pain. Mosquito repellent and sleeping net are also recommended. 

All age group are prone to Dengue fever but 5-10 years old group is most vulnerable. Symptoms are high fever, non-receding fever, sleepy, headache in bigger kid, pain in eyeballs. Some might feel anorexic, vomit and experience stomach-ache. Pains are common in the initial stage but when liver is swollen there will be pain in right tourer, the point in time where patients should be closely monitored. 

Severe symptoms are usually visible on day 4 after having high fever on the first 2 days. If the patients feel numb, can not eat or drink, it could lead to a shock state and need immediate medical attention to prevent death. Dengue fever is treated according to symptom. Paracetamol is used to reduce the fever. Avoid painkiller pills as it could lead to infection and bleeding in the stomach which could cause death as well. 

Public Health Ministry constantly updates knowledge on the Dengue diagnosis and provides training in 12 health districts this year. Also on March 8, 2016, training was provided on how to tackle the outbreak of new virus like Zika and Joint Pain Disease caused by lexitron.

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