Medical Center, University of Phayao ready to open in 2017. IT technology to be used to service patients on hill areas.

Professor Dr. Mondhon Sanguansermsri, the chancellor of University of Phayao, announces the progress of the construction of Medical Center, University of Phayao that it is expected to open in 2017 with 60 beds in service at the beginning while the budget is set for 220 beds. The university is now preparing for computer programming system and support staffs including nursing assistants and doctor’s assistants who need to enrol in some courses beforehand while pharmacists, doctors, and dentists are available from the university. It is expected that 10 years after the opening in 2017 the Medical Center of University of Phayao will be comparable with top-level medical centers of other universities and will be one of hospitals that provide service for people living in Eastern Lanna areas and will helps sharing the work from Chaing Mai Hospital. Our Medical Center wil focus on diseases of blood vessels, brain, heart and cancer. More importantly, we will set a disease prevention system that tries to lessen the number of patients. IT technologies will be used to provide services for patients who live in the hill areas by connecting with and assisting surrounding hospitals in Eastern Lanna. Professor Dr. Mondhon Sanguansermsri also states that the university has Traditional Thai Medicine doctors, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, Health Museums and proper food for patients. The future plan is to set a cooperation between the university cafeterias and people to grow organic vegetation. As the university has taken part in the Sufficiency Economy Project, it will provide a model which demonstrates how to grow plants to villagers in the community so that they can reproduce the process and earn the same products. This will also encourages villagers to send their agricultural products such as rice, plants, and vegetables to the university. The number of university staffs, students and lecturers is about 20,000-30,000 which is likely to result in an agricultural trade promotion for farmers. The Construction site is located in front of the university with the area of 700 Rai (approximately 276 acres). The buildings will be no more than 3 storeys with 480 and 750 beds at an initial stage. The construction is divided into 4 phrases which have started since 2011-2014. The medical Center is expected to be completed and ready to open in 2017 onwards.
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