Herbalife’s Second Annual Nutrition Day Celebrates the Importance of Healthy, Active Aging in 14 Asia Pacific Markets

Local Nutrition Day events are open to the public, and will feature mass fitness activities, nutrition training sessions, interactive contests and celebrity athlete appearances

Herbalife, a global nutrition company, today announced that it will be celebrating its second annual Nutrition Day on 7 November 2015 with events in 14 Asia Pacific markets including Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. This year, the Herbalife Nutrition Day will focus on addressing issues pertaining to a fast-aging Asia-Pacific population, with the aim of inculcating positive lifestyle habits for healthy aging.

According to the United Nations' data, one in four people in Asia and Asia Pacific is expected to be over 60 years old by 2050, and the number of people aged 60 and over is expected to triple to 1.3 billion between 2010 and 2050. In addition, a recent survey conducted by Herbalife and YouGov with 1,200 respondents in Asia Pacific revealed that heart health was the top aging-related health concern in the region, with 32 percent of respondents concurring with this, followed by brain health (24 percent) and eye health (16 percent). However, a wide majority of the respondents (9 in 10) understand that a healthy and active brain, an active lifestyle and good nutrition habits are important for healthy aging.

"With a fast-aging Asia-Pacific population, it has become increasingly crucial for people to be aware of the steps they can take to 'age-proof' themselves. While our recent survey revealed widespread understanding on the importance of a healthy brain, an active lifestyle and positive nutrition habits to healthy aging, there is still a need to take active steps to keep our mind and body healthy every single day. Through the Herbalife Nutrition Day, we hope to inculcate practical lifestyle habits to help people address their health concerns, and put them on the right path to lead a long and healthy life," said Mr William M. Rahn, senior vice president and managing director, Herbalife Asia Pacific.

Each local Herbalife Nutrition Day event will feature fun-filled public participation activities including mass workout sessions led by fitness experts, nutrition training sessions helmed by Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board member as well as interactive nutrition and fitness contests designed for public participation. Celebrity athletes sponsored by Herbalife will also be making special appearances at their local Nutrition Day events, with meet-and-greet opportunities available for the public to interact with their favourite sportspeople.

In addition, the Herbalife Nutrition Day will also feature fund-raising activities in support of the Herbalife Family Foundation's Casa Herbalife Program, which provides funding and volunteer assistance to improve nutrition for over 50,000 children in 15 countries in Asia Pacific.

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