BDMS collaborates with one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS) as Thailand's largest-network medical service operator has strategically tied with Keith L Black, MD, a world-acclaimed neurosurgeon to reinforce its vision of "Your Trusted Healthcare Network" and become "Center of Excellence in Neuroscience in Asia-Pacific ". The start-up research project involves cutting edge "Time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy laser device" to improve surgical outcome of patients with fatal brain cancer.

Dr. Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth, Group Chief Executive Officer and President of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS), disclosed that BDMS has made a commitment to continuously develop clinical service capabilities, One of BDMS' key missions are focused on the "brain" as a major organ. Losing essential brain functions could lead to catastrophic physical, mental & intellectual deficits. According to BDMS's specialists, the number of patients with brain disorders continues to rise and the majority of patients seen by BDMS Group have brain and neurological disorders. Current lifestyle and environmental conditions have also made us more susceptible to certain neurological diseases. As such, BDMS has dedicated relentless effort to address these important issues through better prevention and cures than ever before.

With that dedication in mind, we proudly announce the tie with Professor Keith L. Black, M.D.*, a world-acclaimed neurosurgeon who has an outstandingly proven track record in neuroscience research and is considered a top-notched pioneer in developing new cures for brain tumors. This unique collaboration will help transform BDMS's existing clinical service capabilities to become the Center of Excellence in Neuroscience in Asia-Pacific.

Dr. Prasert also added that under this collaboration, BDMS team will closely participate with Professor Black's cutting edge research to discover new answers for better prevention or treatment of brain disorders. Currently, we have started up one project using Time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy (TRFS) laser device in brain cancer surgery with him and more are already identified in the pipeline.

Keith L. Black, M.D., the world's acclaimed neurosurgeon, said about his collaboration with BDMS, "As we share the same goal to develop better ways to prevent or treat those serious neurological diseases, I very much welcome this opportunity to jointly research and develop neuroscience technologies with BDMS; for a start, 3 years from 2015-2017. At present, one of the hardest challenges for every neurosurgeon is the lack of highly reliable method to differentiate the normal from cancerous brain tissues during operation and that leads to my first exciting project with BDMS; the TRFS laser device. It operates where the tissue is excited using ultra-short laser and the corresponding fluorescence intensity decay is captured. Based upon fluorescence color spectrum and decay characteristics, neurosurgeon can much more clearly differentiate normal brain from cancerous tissues especially those infiltrated tumor cells. Therefore, TRFS would help our decision where and how much to cut in a more tangible manner. This is very critical since you can't regrow brain cells after cutting them.

As you can see, this TRFS research collaboration will provide promising opportunity for brain cancer patients in Thailand and neighboring countries coming to BDMS." Professor Keith L. Black added, "Our next step is to extend the collaborative scope to cover other brain disorders, i.e. Alzheimer's, Parkinson disease, and more."

The ultimate goal of BDMS is to support and promote the people to live longer and healthier. As leading healthcare service provider, we will continuously develop and excel clinical service capabilities especially those addressing complex disorders through International collaboration, one of our key approaches to better healthcare. This is reinforced; in parallel, with growing more and better integrated Health Care Network domestically & regionally. Therefore, we remain confident of becoming a strategic center among top leading healthcare providers in Asia Pacific." Dr. Prasert concluded.


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