A Korean-standardized beauty center ‘Gangnam Clinic’ made its debut

Gangnam Clinic, a beauty center that meets Korean standard, launches its three services, surgical operations, medical procedures and treatments. Its selling points are Korean products with reasonable price and a connection with Korean doctors who can give a consultation and exchange techniques or knowledge to achieve the same standard. Mr. Thanakrit Suwanketsakaan, an executive of Gangnam Clinic, reveals that nowadays the concern about taking care of one’s own appearance has been widely spread over Thai society. Beauty values as well as Korean fever among teenagers play an important role in daily life that make some people fly to Korea just for a plastic surgery. After attending seminars to observe and exchange beauty innovation at well-known hospitals and clinics in Korea, it is found that the price is not as expansive as believed and the opportunity to set a Korean-standardized beauty values in Thailand should not be too difficult. “After getting in touch with beauty circles during Korean surgery tour project, I had a chance to observe new innovations and technologies as well as the service that are not as expansive as I thought so I decided to use the ideas to open Gangnam Clinic, which can be counted as a new dimension of thorough beauty services with Korean standard. Our strong points are products from Korea at reasonable prices. Everyone can be beautiful with no need to fly to Korea. Experienced teams of Thai doctors are available for consultations about every beauty problem. We also have a good connection with many Korean doctors and hospitals which are willing to give a cooperation by exchanging knowledge to reach the standard. Gangnam Clinic will be the best and most up-to-date beauty center that is ready for every beauty service.” said Mr. Thanakrit. Gangnam Clinic provides thorough beauty services with three main services which are surgical operations, medical procedures and treatments. A new plastic surgery that is popular among Thai people, making them fly to Korea, is V-line face. It is a facial lifting procedure without operating an orthopedic surgery that makes your face become slimmer. Another service is a fat injection that reduces wrinkles which makes you look younger than your age. All services are provided by specialized expert doctors. For marketing, we will focus on taking care of an original customer base as well as giving beauty knowledge through public relations to expand the customer base and to build a strong brand. The name of Gangnam Clinic comes from the name of a business area in Korea. Gangnam is one of twenty-five districts comprising Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. It is well-known as a beauty area with one of the greatest number of famous surgery clinics in the world. If you want to consult Gangnam Clinic, Siam Square soi 1 about beauty problems, please call 090 665 3616, 098 269 7450 or visit, IG:gangnamclinic, FB:gangnamclinic for more information. You can contact the public relations by calling 098 268 0518 for further news.n
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