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Thailand’s world-class medical facilities offer a wide variety of medical treatments and procedures. Whether you are looking for cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dental work, a medical check-up or more invasive medical procedures such as orthopedic or cardiovascular surgeries, Thailand’s hospitals and clinics have qualified doctors and surgeons using state-of-the-art equipment while offering first-class service. Browse the following categories of medical treatments to learn more about the procedures, or find a medical facility in Thailand to help you with your medical needs.
Wellness & Spa
The ‘Medical Spa’ is a health, relaxation and rehabilitation centre which can help conditions from rheumatism, disc prolapse, to circulatory and nervous system problems, and the specialized clinics they have become have been developed in Thailand to the highest possible standards of care and attention to help visitors improve their health. Combining a holiday with a form of health treatment is the perfect way to recover health and wellbeing and to rejuvenate, invigorate and heal. Luxury spas and wellness retreats in Thailand were established for both health and deep relaxation and range from exclusive retreats happily accommodating global celebrities to beachside resorts that give yoga instruction overlooking the sea. Thai culture has a longstanding tradition of massage and wellness techniques, and Thai massage is a centuries old practice that is based on stimulating the flow of life force through the body via sib sen, or energy lines. Consequently, there are a number of opportunities in Thailand to visit a day spa in order to briefly experience Thai massage, or you can check yourself into a world-famous medical spa and wellness retreat for a holiday-long treatment package, including meals or fasting, and holistic or Ayurvedic treatments designed especially for you. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai, as well as on the islands of Phuket and Samui, you will find inclusive medical spa resorts and wellness retreats that fuse Thai massage and other eastern practices, like meditation, with western medical techniques to provide a variety of treatments for either relaxation or rehabilitation in an environment filled with ornate décor and impeccable service. Luxury spas and wellness retreats in Thailand have been established for both health and pampering, and range from exclusive retreats designed for global celebrities to beachside resorts that give yoga instruction overlooking the sea and communal beachside dinners.
Wellness & Spa
For those who want to relax physically and mentally and taking care of your health, you can try Thai massage. Thailand is famous for its traditional massage. Thai massage is influenced by the traditional medicine so it can relieve physical and mental tension. It also claims to reduce migraines, sprains, bruises, anxiety, improve flexibility, enable a better sleep which make you healthy from the inside out. Visit Wat Pho, the first school of Thai traditional massage, to get a direct experience. Activities good for your health do not limit to only a traditional way. Change the atmosphere by visiting a spa. Thailand is full of 4-5 star health spas spread all over the country. Various services and packages are available for customers including facial, nail, hair spas, skin care, scrub etc. There are also places for recuperation famous among foreigners where you can enjoy your stay in Thailand surrounded by nature.
Foot Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Thai Massage
Body Wrap
Swedish Massage
Body Scrubs
Thailand gathers numerous world class beauty centers that provide thorough services. With top-level specialists in various fields, you are able to undergo nose, eyes, breasts or sex transformation surgeries with reasonable price and good quality compared to other countries. Thailand is ready to sustain the growth of beauty business as the Government of Thailand has planned to make the country become the Medical Hub as well as the Cosmetic Hub at the same time by increasing the level of medical profession. Thailand has been raised to become the Beauty Center of Asia with high quality, capability, knowledge at reasonable price.
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery
Thailand can be counted as the Medical Hub that provides healthcare tourism for patients from all around the world. With up-to-date technologies, efficient staffs and high-quality laboratories and devices, some hospitals reach the standard of Joint Commission International (JCI). Healthcare services include Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Sex Reassignment Surgery, Medical Check-up and general treatments etc. Patients are able to choose appropriate treatment programs according to their own conditions including the illness and budget. They can be advised to receive suitable treatments.
Liver & Digestion
Cancer Treatment
Sex Reassignment Surgery
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